Memory verse: …For the Lord is a God of knowledge, and by him actions are weighed. I Samuel 2:3

Someone once asked me, “why did God ask Moses to number the children of Israel in their armies(See Numbers 1:1-3)but when David did the same thing in 2 Samuel 24:1-2, God punished him?” The answer is based on the “motive” behind the two actions. While Moses counted the armies of Israel as an inventory to ascertain their potential soldiers in preparation for war against the Canaanites, David counted his armies as a result of pride.

Countless times, we embark on different ventures not for the benefit of it, but because, we want to satisfy our ego. We want people to notice and applaud our expertise. God frowns at such behavior. Not long ago, I was of the impression that, as Christians, God is just pleased because we do the right things, little did I know that, God is even more interested in the reason behind all our actions. Pride and self work hand in hand. Devil uses them as silent unseen tools to jeopardize good deeds done by believers. It creeps in gently that you can hardly notice it.

Allow the Holy Spirit to censor your actions; this will help you a great deal in determining that, all your actions meet the standards of God. When you do anything, do so with the right attitude so that, God who sees in secret will reward you openly.

Meditate on this: Before taking any action, ask yourself; why am I doing this? Your findings will amaze you.