Memory verse: Look, for three years I have come seeking fruit on this fig tree and find none. Cut it down; why does it use up the ground?’  Luke 13: 6-9.

The story of the Fig tree is very instructive and evenly related to our lives. The fig tree was extremely important for both nutritional and economic values in ancient times. The bible used fig tree severally in the bible to depict the prosperous and times of famine in Israel. See (1 Kings 4:25, Jeremiah 5:17).

It is important to note that, the Fig tree in our text was planted for the sole purpose of bearing fruits. When the owner of the vineyard came to take fruits from the fig tree, he was not happy that the tree had no fruits. So, he ordered the keeper of the vineyard to cut down the tree as it was using up the soil for nothing.

Coming to your own life today, are you fruitful or is your life like the fig tree? You do not exist by mistake you know, but to be purposeful and live meaningfully.

Similar to the disappointment displayed by the vineyard owner, God is displeased when we do not bear fruits expected of us. Will you be happy if you plant a tree and it fails to bear fruits for you? I bet you won’t.

Jump into action today, prepare and work towards impacting your generation positively. Do not live behind your shadows, there is more to life than just passing by. God wants you to use those skills and talents He deposited into you to change lives and build the world. Don’t wait to start tomorrow, the time is NOW!

Meditate on this:

Be fruitful with your life while it is day, for night will come when you cannot work again.