Memory verse: Casting all your cares upon Jesus, for He cares for you. (1 Peter 5:7)

It is quite difficult to get someone who genuinely cares for us. Not even our family nor loved ones can assure us of an absolute care, anytime any day.

The above passage is calling us unto action to cast our brokenness and weariness unto Jesus. Why should we do that? Because, Jesus cares for us more than we even care for ourselves. We can cast our burdens on Jesus by lifting the worry off our hearts and dropping them at His feet. The same way a child cast all his needs on his parents, believing they will never fail him. Likewise, take your cares to your heavenly father and trust Him to handle them for you.

If we are so bothered about how to give the best to our children and loved ones, how much more will our Lord Jesus give unto us? Do not let your carnal reason get on your way of your blessing. Give it up and ask Jesus to help you.

Meditate on this: out of much love, Jesus laid His life for you. What could be more sacrificing than it?