MEMORY VERSE: Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your father in heaven.    (Mathew 5:16)

Before creation, the bible tells us that, the world was covered with absolute darkness until God commanded light to shine forth. Without the presence of light, there will be no movement anywhere. Light is as important as life itself. Light brings peace. It makes things visible and beautiful.

Darkness on the other hand, is synonymous with evil. Spiritually, the world we live in is covered in darkness as a result of sin. Therefore, anyone who is living in sin is living in darkness and do not have the light of Christ.

Principally, living as a Christian means living like Jesus. So how did Jesus live? He shone brightly wherever He went. His lifestyle, His speech, His approach, His responses etc, all reflected Him as the Light of the world. You may as well ask yourself this question, am I a shining light? Does my life represent the life of Christ?

Many persons might mistake being a shining light to being a church goer or being morally righteous. No, God demands that we illuminate the dark world by showing forth the love of Christ in its totality. As we allow Jesus to shine through us, the world will become brighter and all men will know that we are the children of God indeed.

Meditate on this: The Light shines in darkness and the darkness comprehends it not.