TEXT: Brethren, I do not count myself to have apprehended; but one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead. – Philippians 3:13

There are three days in life; yesterday, today and tomorrow. These days are coated with principles that guide daily living. The way and manner each is handled, determines largely the successes that follows. We are going to examine “yesterday” which signifies the past.

We are considering forgiving yourself and things that happened in the past. What does it mean to forgive yourself? This means to let go of anger, past mistakes, bitterness, failures, rejection, fulfillment, disappointments etc that stirred up a feeling of resentment, helplessness and defeat within your life.

These negative feelings are silent killers that gradually drain one of strength to forge ahead and drags the person mercilessly back to the past. It makes one feel inferior and unworthy. It pushes the person into living in mediocre and the fellow is always engulfed with regrets.

Do the above describe you?

If you put your car gear on reverse, will it drive forward? In the same vein, you cannot move forward by going backward, never! You see, people make mistakes, stray away from the right path; take decisions that almost caused them their lives. Yes, things like that happen often but, It is not wise to dwell on them. Unfortunately, the mistakes have been made so, stop blaming yourself further. How long will that continue? When you spill milk, what do you do? Throw away the container and replace it with new milk. Same is applicable to life; when you make mistakes, you should let go, forgive yourself and get a new life.

Living in the past means living in bondage. If you are in Christ Jesus, the bible says ‘Old things are passed away, behold,’ all things are become new. – 2 Corinthians 5:17. The story of David in the bible is a typical example here. When Nathan the prophet came to him with judgment, after he masterminded the death of Uriah. He felt bad, rented his clothes, sought for God’s forgiveness but didn’t remain in his sorrowful state – that is exactly what you should do now.

Arise and pull off the garment of regret. You can only receive peace, see the light and have a right mindset when you take the decision to stop blaming yourself. Satan uses condemnation to wrap people up in defeat and self pity, say no to it. The past belongs to history. No matter how hard anyone may try, nobody can turn back the hands of time. Forgive yourself and be set free.