To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under the heaven. There is a time to labour and sow, and a time of harvesting with joy. There is a time that, we are designed to glow like the morning sun and a time when, the glow will be weathered away like a dried grass.

Do you know that time is costlier than diamonds? We should make good use of each opportunity we have while it is still day because, any second that passes, flows into history, never to show up again.

Sometimes I remember my childhood years, my friends and cousins. Growing up was pretty fun and exciting. Some of my friends had passed on – so painful, while I lost contact with a few of them. The point here is; those lovely innocent years filled with so much energy are long gone. There will never be a younger me; I might not have the privilege of having all those friends and family together like before. That’s the truth about life; – make use of the Time within your disposal.

You still have the time now to accept Jesus into your life if you haven’t done so. Remember God now that you are still breathing, when your light is still shining, before the clouds will be darkened, then the dust shall return to the earth and the spirit to his maker.

Jesus is knocking on the door of your heart, would you let Him in? Please do not delay further, for no one has a hold on tomorrow.