Our land is in disarray and foxes are walking upon it. Who shall rescue us from being devoured by the lions? What shall we do to keep us from suffocating in an airy land? There is commotion here and there; a cold silent war is going on. Nobody cares; even the elects have failed the people.

The above is the heart-breaking situation in our land. In a period like this,  why put your hope in a man, why trust on a breathing mortal. Man who inhales evil and breath out wickedness. Man who is prone to change more than a chameleon and blows unsteadily like the wind.

Those that trust in The Lord shall be like mount Zion that cannot be removed, but abides forever. God can change situations and people, but nothing can ever change Him. He is Immutable; He does not sleep neither will He ever slumber.

Do you trust God for anything? I dare you to hang on. It might look hazy but keep on keeping on. The world may change, people will change, your very loved ones can even disappoint you but God can never fail you. There is just one thing you need to know, God makes all things beautiful in His own time.

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