Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. Philippians 1:6

Driving through that smooth beautiful long road, I almost could not recollect the true state of the road before this breath-taking transformation took place on it. It was previously rough, dirty, muddy with broken caterpillars littered all over the place. It was so bad that, vehicles were being diverted to avoid getting plunged inside the mud. Motorists hated that road, I personally disliked the sight of it, and each time I get around that vicinity, I always make sure that I boycott that dreaded road filled with slippery mud. Now, that same road has suddenly turned to a popular demand where everyone chooses to follow; both motorists and pedestrians. That got me thinking.

The progress through life is usually a representation of that short description above. At some point, it gets really bad. No job, bills keeps pilling up and up, finances dwindle and no hope any way. At such points, some friends and relatives will begin to take another route. They might refuse to take your calls, your messages start irritating them. Any form of help you ask for would be returned with a default NO.

Equally, Jesus Christ was left alone as soon the Jews arrested Him. His disciples scattered abroad for the fear of being reckoned with him. Peter denied ever knowing Him; He was left to suffer all alone.  Similarly, when Paul was arrested in the province of Asia, (See Acts 21:27-36) some of his friends deserted him, only Timothy ministered to his needs.

Can you relate to the above? Broken and shattered? Don’t worry, it will all get better.  The process of reshaping a pot by a potter  first start by breaking the pot into pieces before the restructuring  process can truly begin. That breaking process is usually painful and hopeless but when the potter is done with the new design, the pot becomes the admiration of all persons. God is that Potter! He is reshaping your life. God is usually interested on the process of making your life conform to the standards He designed for you before you came into world. when you cry out in pains, He is not silent, He knows the process is truly painful but it’s all for your good. It will make you better and more matured to handle bigger opportunities..

God needs you to trust Him and have hope. When His work will be completed in you, your light will shine forth and those who disdained you will all come praising God with you.

The Lord is your strength!