The ravens brought him bread and meat in the morning and bread and meat in the evening, and he drank from the brook. – 1 Kings 17:6

It is still unthinkable how mere Ravens (birds) can be an instrument of economic supply in a time of famine. We might think of other possible means of provision, but Ravens? Surely not, it is unimaginable.

The land of Israel was in a terrible famine by the word of the prophet of God; Elijah. The land was dry, no sight of green leaves for animals to graze on, and the rivers were drying up. At that point in the land of Israel, people were only waiting for the day death will come upon them – it was a hopeless period.

However, God seeing the situation in the land of Israel at that time, created an avenue for Elijah, His prophet to be sustained in the midst of nothing. Why did God do that? Because, He promised never to leave nor forsake His own children. When your life is in alignment with God’s commands, He goes all out to ensure you are well taken care of.

The point here is that, we have a God who understands every situation in our lives. He sees beyond that which we can see, and He makes sufficient and timely way out of every hopeless situation we might find ourselves in. For any kind of condition you might be in right now, God has designed a way out for you.

Who can ever imagine birds feeding a human being with bread? How do the birds know who Elijah is and that he was at that Brook? Where did they get the bread from? That could only be the work of The Almighty God. By the time you come to the understanding that, God is unlimited in His thoughts and His ways, and that He possesses an amazing power, you will begin to see life from a different dimension. You will stop worrying yourself sick over little things and begin to trust in God who is able to do all things.

In the world today, there is a global economic crisis just like in the days of Elijah. Do you believe that the same God who directed the ravens to feed Elijah is able to use anything or anyone to meet your needs? Do you even believe that God knows all that you need even without you saying them out? God’s ways are beyond human comprehension. Take God as He is. Believe in God like a little child. When He promises you something and there is a delay in its manifestation, don’t lose hope – the answers will surely come because God cannot fail.

I encourage you this day to trust God like never before; He knows everything that pertains to you. If He used the ravens to feed Elijah, He will do much more for you. God is the same yesterday, today and forever!