Author: Chika Onyeanusi


People have the habit of commonizing things, and gradually reducing its effect to a point that, its true meaning can barely be remembered. The consequence for this is that, people won’t be able to walk in the fullness of whatever it is and enjoy the accrued benefits. One of such things is GRACE. We will take a quick look at this subject in line with Spiritual Authority. Grace, A True Definition of Jesus Following man’s treason against God in the Garden of Eden, God sort to reconcile man back to Himself. However, this could not be done permanently by...

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Science has always told us that man evolved from ape-like creatures millions of years ago but as Christians, we know better seeing that, there is more to this creature called man, whom God loves to bits and created him in His image to be and operate like Him. Most times, we do not fully exercise or walk in this dimension we’ve been created to, probably because, we are not aware or perhaps, we fail to live in the consciousness of that truth. Let’s look at a few details together. Man as God’s Masterpiece In the book of beginnings, God...

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