A joyful heart makes a cheerful face, but when the heart is sad, the Spirit is broken.  Proverbs 15:13

Depression is almost a global phenomenon. It is a prolonged emotional downcast that is caused by several factors which include; grief, feelings of shame, failure, deep emptiness, sadness, low self esteem and feelings of guilt. Almost everyone at some point gets depressed as a result of one issue or the other. The difference here is; while some persons get off the mood thing easily, others find it just difficult to let go.

The issue of depression largely settle around the heart because, it is emotionally induced. This feeling occurs as soon as the body sends off a negative signal to the brain that all is not well. Immediately, the spirit switches off into a sad mood and the resultant effect is usually a downcast outward physical appearance.

Depression keeps its victims in the dark, sullen and miserable. Most times, some of these feelings are not even real, they are mere imaginations, and when nothing is done fast to ameliorate it, it degenerates to a feeling of suicide. A lot of people are depressed; they either do not know it, or they don’t want to admit it. If you are constantly feeling downcast in your spirit, don’t wallow away in silence, reach out for help.

How Can You Tell If You Are Depressed?

It is just part of life to feel down once in a while but when the hopelessness lingers more than just normal, way out of the ordinary, then there are chances you might be depressed. A person who is depressed finds it difficult to enjoy peace and happiness. Depressed persons feel angry and restless over nothing. They have loss of appetite, finds it difficult to concentrate and can hardly even sleep. Some of them feel very hopeless, believing that, nothing can ever be done to change their situation.

You Are Not Alone.

If you are reading this and you are experiencing the symptoms listed above or even more, please know that, you are not alone here. Someone cares for you. Someone wants to set you free, He wants to lift off those burdens from your heart and give you peace. Freedom starts when, we recognize and accept that, we need help. In your difficult times and trying moments, God has not left you alone, He has always being standing by, extending His gracious hands to carry you through.

Having The Right Spirit.

While it is important and recommended for someone undergoing depression to seek medical attention as soon as possible, dealing with the spiritual aspect of depression is paramount. Since depression is a feeling, something that has to do with state of the mind, then having the right spirit is highly an antidote for anyone who is battling with depression because, the spiritual rules the physical. To be free from the damning hold of the spirit of depression, you need to invite Jesus to come into your life. Depression in any life is the absence of peace, so Christ who brings peace, is sure to eradicate all the forces of depression.

“And the peace of God, which passes all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:7)Inviting Jesus into your life, confessing, repenting and forsaking your sins will usher you into a relationship with God which will release grace to you to go through tough situations. Though the pain you are going through may be unbearable and the emotions too deep for words to explain, you can have faith if you continue trusting God to see you through. Depression should not be allowed to continue in any way, May Jesus be your anchor today.

If you are too short of words to explain the things you are going through, one of our mentors will be glad to walk and pray along with you. 

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