Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and he shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved. Psalm 55:22

A certain man was driving through a long lonely highway. On the way, he saw an old woman struggling with heavy baskets of fruits and vegetables, which she possibly harvested from a nearby farm. Seeing the old woman and the great trouble she was going through, the man reversed and offered to give her a ride. “Which way are you heading to?” he asked with a smile. “To the city market” replied the old woman. “Let me help you then, those baskets must be quite heavy” he said and pulled up by the roadside. The old woman was very glad as she entered and settled comfortably in the huge van while the man zoomed off.

However, through the rear mirror, the man noticed that, the woman was happy but, strangely, she was still carrying the heavy basket on her head inside the huge van. “Mam, could you please keep the baskets down, there is enough space in the van for them” he said. “No my son” she replied, “You are so kind, you’ve already rendered so much help to me. I’ve been carrying loads like these all my life, it’s really not a problem, it’s part of my daily routine” she assured the man, with weariness written all over her tired face.

The story above is an example of the great offer of love rendered to us by our Lord Jesus Christ. When He saw us struggling with the burdens of sin and reproach; He pulled up and lent us a hand. We accepted His kind offer of salvation and joined Him on an easy ride but, refused to lay down those heavy loads that first attracted us to Him.

So many Christians move around with much heaviness in their hearts. They have accepted the offer of salvation but cannot let go of the anxieties of life. They cling tightly to heartbreaks, disappointments, rejection, abandonment, shattered dreams and hopelessness. Why then did Jesus come to us? He came to give us life more abundantly. That is, His offer isn’t just to give us a ride home, it has an all-encompassing benefits.

Cast all your anxiety on Jesus because He cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7

You need Jesus to help you with all you are going through in life, we all do. On his own efforts, Simon Peter toiled all night long to catch some fishes but nothing came forth. But, when Jesus instructed him to cast his net into a particular deep, his net caught so much fishes that it began to tear – on our own, we can do nothing.

Our Lord Jesus is here to help you if, you would just lay down those burdens and leave them at His feet.  Give Jesus your lack and He will give you abundance, give Him your fears and you will receive boldness. Give Jesus your brokenness and He will mend you, when you give Him your sorrows, He will give you joy. Amazing!