Psalm 37:7 – Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him; fret not yourself because of Him who prospers in His way, because of the man who brings evil devices to pass.

We presently live in a world where people  do not necessary mind how they get their needs met. There is a mad and inordinate quest for wealth and most people are determined to achieve it through several crocked ways.

Patience is a Christian virtue, an attribute that is a prerequisite to standing in faith in the Lord. This is so needed to mature us in the knowledge of Christ. When we make a request to God, there are certain times in His wisdom that He delays the answer to prayers for reasons best known to Him. He is God that knows the end from the beginning.  His ways are not our ways, neither is His thoughts our thoughts. As a believer, when you experience a slight delay in receiving your answers, understand that, God has already answered you but, He is waiting for the best time to show forth the manifestation.

A period of waiting for a child of God is a preparation period. A period that God teaches you new things as you draw closer to Him – new things that will align to your purpose in the future.  During this period, your faith increases and you learn more on how to wholly depend on God for your needs- He enjoys the relationship. You mature in the Lord while waiting for an answer to your prayers. Sometime in the future, you will use your experiences to encourage other upcoming believers who might at that time, be going through a similar challenge you’ve been through. There is no test without a testimony.

If you find yourself under this category, you are not alone. While you wait, fill and renew your mind with God’s word and promises. Fill your mind with words of faith and fretting yourself because of another person’s progress or quick answer to prayers. The truth is, you don’t even want to know what some people do all in the name of staying relevant. Don’t entertain any kind of discouraging thought; don’t give the devil room in your heart so he will not mislead you.

You are a vessel of honour unto the Lord, He is bringing out the best in you. Waiting upon the Lord yields fruitful results, it is a worthwhile experience that at the end, you will have reasons to thank Him for His goodness. I have had some waiting periods in my life that helped in restructuring me to who I am today.

If what you are waiting on the Lord for is His will for your life, never bother yourself, the answer will come and you will be better empowered to handle it. Don’t be jumpy or sad, trust the Master, He knows what is best for you and you will not have anything lesser in Jesus name.