TEXT: “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood…

A struggle is a forceful or violent effort to get free of restraint or constriction. If you are struggling to do something, it means you are trying very hard to get it done. People who struggle are caught up with something and combat to be set free. It surfaces in forms of feelings or manipulations.

In life, there are incessant struggles that confront people. The struggle for survival, struggle against bad habits, struggle against depression, struggle against self etc. what are you struggling against? Do know that, you are not alone in whatever you are passing through, in iCareMentors, we care for you and a mentor is always available to walk along with you.

The enemy people face is ultimately not human beings as it always disguises to be – The struggle is against satan, sin and self. Now satan uses imaginary enemies as oppositions against you. Your spouse who is cheating, the co-worker who is difficult to work with, the neigbour who is unfriendly, the business partner who is fraudulent are all being manipulated by the devil to act likewise. Now, instead of recognizing the real enemy, you are busy waging war against an innocent physical person while the real enemy chooses to stay unnoticed.

I have seen several people fight themselves almost to death for no sensible reason. By the time they realize how unnecessary the fight was, the deed has already been done then, they will just be filled with regrets. All satan does is to manipulate people, set the stage for them and jumps aside.

A real turn around will come for you when, you refuse to be used further as a tool at satan’s will. Exercise your God given authority against him and cut his manipulations out of your life. Next time that you are tempted to fight that individual, remember, he is not your real foe. Your opponent is hiding behind the scenes.