Text: For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways,” says the Lord.

There once lived a young man who was hated by everyone around him except his father. They hated his guts, his confidence and shared vision. With the events that happened around him, it was clear that God was with Him but, He passed through several persecutions, his faith was tried and he suffered painfully. God assured him of a brighter future but why the numerous and overwhelming challenges? – that man was JOSEPH.

Everyone might be wondering why Joseph had to go through those inexplicable pains when God was supposed to be with him. By the way, he was righteous; an upright man who honoured God, then why the troubles?

God did not promise His children a life free from temptations, rather, He promised to be with them and give them sufficient grace to overcome all the trials that might confront their lives. That was exactly what happened to Joseph. He enjoyed divine guidance, protection, favour and success in the midst of the difficult times because, God was with Him.

God knows and understand the plights that His people go through. He is not silent to their cries and pleads as they might think. God has everything under control for His dear children and work under the scenes to make sure they get happy at the end.

People often easily get discouraged when they encounter problems in the cause of their journey through life. If you are one of them, I will like you to be reoriented. Trials do not come on the way of anyone to destroy the person but to prepare him. When there is a huge purpose for you like Joseph, be prepared to encounter challenges. Those challenges are meant to prepare, toughen, teach and empower your life for the great task ahead. Count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations; – James 1:2

If you are passing through a difficult phase in your life, do not give up. There is a message inside that headache. Look deep into your situation; you will discover amazing things God is working out through it. In the case of Joseph, God taught him patience, obedience, leadership, forgiveness, temperance, long-suffering etc. These character traits were needed by Joseph before he could be placed over the king’s affairs. God knew the end of Joseph’s life from the beginning thus, the problems in his life were permitted to launch him to a place of glory.

What are you presently going through? Could it be a part of the training you need to be crowned? Trust and depend on God. He knows and understands all things.