As part of the fulfillment of the gospel of Christ about the perilous times that will come upon the earth, most persons are experiencing inexplicable hard times. Some persons experience heart breaks with friends, spouses and trusted family members. As a result, uncountable persons these days die of cardiac arrest, a huge numbers go to early grave while a lot others live in dire unbearable situations.

Heartbreaks, deceits and lies characterize our world today. It is so sad that, a lot of persons find it difficult to love or to trust again because; their emotions have been grounded with disappointment.  Some people can’t find true love and trust in marriage as their partners dashed their hearts on the rocks, rendering what remained of their love life impotent.

I am not certain what your own problem is or the extent of your discouragement. It could be that, you do not want to love again; you have a deep cut in your heart against your friend as a result of that betrayal and don’t even want to hear about love and commitment. Living in anger and bitterness is destructive to your inner being and your health, let go of the bitterness and let God take control of the situation. There is really little to nothing you can do to ameliorate what has happened; only God can. I know you are feeling so wounded, disappointed and broken, Yes! Jesus understands.

I have good news for you. The scripture says “Come unto me all ye that labour, weary, and are heavy laden, I will give you rest” (Mathew 11:28). No matter what you’ve been through or presently going through, Jesus is the best healer and will definitely heal your heart.

Taking solace in alcohol will not help but can only make matters worse. . Seeking revenge is deadly and will lead to doing that which you will ever live to regret. Only Jesus has the balm that can heal and soothe your nerves in times of pain and distress like this.

The book of Jeremaiah 46:11 tells us “Go up to Gilead and take balm…In vain shall thou use many medicine, for thou shall not be cured” the above passage is informing those who  are heart-broken that, taking hard drugs to kill the conscience of an evil deed will not solve your problem. Only Jesus can heal you.

If you can forgive those persons who, offended you, you will experience an overwhelming peace which passes all understanding in your life. Nothing can be more fulfilling and pleasant like being at peace with all men. Satan do not have any good thing to offer anyone.

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