Therefore encourage one another and build each other up. 1 Thessalonians 5:11

A lot of people we meet daily, walk around with plastic smile on their faces but with heavy hearts. Beneath their designer clothes and expensive accessories lies a broken and shattered person who longs for someone to share his/her thoughts with.

As little and insignificant as a warm smile and kind words might seem, they can be the emotional healing someone is longing for. Have you ever passively said things like, “it’s going to be alright” or “God will see you through” to someone and their faces light up like one who was rescued from drowning? Really, some people go through bad times, difficult moments, loneliness and deep financial crisis but, still appear like any other in the streets. Be mindful of how you treat people.

It is possible that, you might also be experiencing some slippery times in your own personal life or relationships. At such times, God expects you to exhibit your spiritual maturity by reaching out to people in same kind of need and exhort them. There was a period in my life that, I had a need and it dragged on. People kept sending me mails for prayers and needed to be encouraged as they were going through some tough times too. Initially, I felt reluctant to respond to them. I was like, ‘what will I tell these ones?’ but when I yielded to the Spirit’ promptings, prayed with and encouraged them, I totally forgot my own cares, God gave me peace.- whatsoever you sow into the life of others, God will multiply in your own life.

Therefore, your empathy, a loving smile, words of encouragement or even a handshake can go a very long way into assuring those going through challenges that someone do truly care for them. We are to be like Jesus and shine as light into the blurred areas of people’s lives. Do not let today pass by without showing practical love to someone in need. You are an answer to someone’s prayers. Help them to live.