Proverbs 14:16: The wise are cautious and avoid danger; fools plunge ahead with reckless confidence.

Have you wondered why speed breakers were designed and constructed on our roads? It is to help motorists apply some sense of control while driving. It keeps them cautious, sort of reduces their haste and checks them. Driving in some areas without these bumps, will be an outright suicide.

Today, the world is almost accelerating faster than the wind. Everything is on a high speed. Fast food, fast lane, fast track, crashed courses, fast this and fast that – everyone you see, is in a hurry for one thing or the other.

Being that people’s mind is set on achieving things faster than necessary; they care less about the consequences that follows. The story of King Saul’s disobedience in 1 Samuel 15 which led to his being rejected by God points to the spirit of impatience. Had he waited for Samuel to perform the sacrifice accordingly, he wouldn’t have gotten himself into problem with God.

What are you in a haste to achieve? Is it worth the hypertension? Success in life is not based on how fast you ran but on how well you finished. Applying a little caution will help you readjust and be more tactical in your success strategy. Motorists who speed recklessly end up with either broken bones or below six feet – so do people who are in an undue haste to attain prominence end up in destruction.

Just the way speed bumps are constructed on the roads to keep reckless drivers from getting killed as a result of over speeding, minor setbacks are allowed by God to slow some people down from destroying themselves. He is an All-Knowing God thus, He sees ahead of us.

God is calling you to watch out for the danger sign ahead. Patience is a Christian virtue although sadly, a lot of persons had deleted it from their lives. Being patient and careful in your pursuits doesn’t mean you are a weakling, it shows you are wise. Let us take one day at a time. Work smart not hard. Know that, it is in God to bless and anyone who does anything without God ends up in a recycled struggle. It is the will of God that you will prosper, at the same time, He doesn’t want you to end up in vanity.

Inordinate quest destroys, smart strategists prospers.