Isaiah 45:22: Look unto me and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth: for I am God, and there is none else.

Looking unto Jesus means leaning on God, trusting in Him, depending upon Him and casting your cares and concerns upon Him.

There is always a person or group of persons that we look unto every day for one thing or the other. Children depend on their parents for a source of livelihood, citizens depend on the government for provision of welfare and other social amenities, protégées depends on their patrons for provisions, students look up to their lecturers for new knowledge and Christians on a wider level, look up to Jesus for everything.

Looking unto Jesus is the best thing any individual can ever do at all times . You see, most times, situation arises that overwhelms our lives, weakens the mind and leaves people in sore perplexity. In such times, no one else can ever be more caring, depending, faithful, kind and trustworthy like of our God.

When the children of Israel was in the wilderness, the bible tells us that, they encountered several insurmountable difficulties that looked bleak with no amount of hope. A vivid example was The Red Sea. With Pharaoh’s chariots racing forcefully after them and the Red Sea before them, the Israelites lost all we can call hope. At that point, they forgot all that God was to them.

Similar situations like the above happen to people that, they encounter slippery problems but easily forget God’s faithfulness in their lives. I might not know what you are presently passing through, but I am certain that God is faithful in all things. Though the challenges may seem unbeatable like the case of the Red Sea, I assure you, looking unto God is your best bet.

How do you depend on God? By exercising faith that, God will see you through your challenges in His own way. It might seem like ages but, you need to understand that, God is never late, He is always on time. He has His own ways of bringing His will to pass. All you have to do is, Look Unto Him and Live.