Be still, and know that I am God. – Psalms 46:10

Balanced communication requires speaking and listening.  At every point in our lives, God speaks. He delight in having a deep communication with His children, where they speak to Him and He responds accordingly.

With the huge need for prayers in our land and individual lives, some people pray, pray and pray without taking out time to hear what God is saying concerning their requests.

In the bible, instances abound where petitions were being presented to God and He gives applicable direction on what to do in such regard. But when you are not listening, how do you intend to pick out what God is saying concerning your situation?

Hearing from God requires concentration. A lot of things contend with our attention these days that one can hardly get still to hear when God is talking. To keep a child of God from hearing from God, the enemy keeps the person’s mind busy and noisy with music, television cell phone and maybe, unruly thoughts. Imagine hearing that still small voice when everything around you is craving for your attention.

In most instances, God called Moses out to a quiet place before He could give Him an instruction on anything. This was so because, God understands the very importance of quietness. Do you know that God has been speaking to you ever since concerning that issue in your life? You haven’t heard Him because, you aren’t listening.

God does not speak only to pastors and prophets, He speaks to anyone who has His Spirit abiding in Him or her. God speaks through His word, He speaks through circumstances, He speaks by an impression in your spirit and He also speaks through a still small voice.

Do you need direction for your life?  LISTEN, GOD IS SPEAKING.

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