So then, every one of us shall give account of him/herself to God. Romans 14:12.

 A life can only become fruitful when it fulfills or is fulfilling God’s purpose for creating it. Everything in life has a purpose, and God in His infinite wisdom designed all things to function in its place while bringing glory to Him.

Pastor John Andreas in his teaching used the following analogy to describe purpose. He said; “The spoon in your kitchen is fulfilling its purpose anytime you eat with it. The chair in your home is fulfilling its purpose anytime you sit on it because; your reason for buying it is to be sitting on it. Now, can God boast of you that, He is enjoying the benefits of creating you, the same way you are enjoying the things you bought with your money?

Come to think of it, water is created for us to drink it, fire is there to cook our food, the trees gives shield, brings forth fruit and is a source of wood to us, the sun brightens our day and night come so we can have rest. All the animals in the forest and the fishes in the sea remain purposeful, meeting the demands of their Creator. How about you? What are you living for?

Romans 8:19 says “For the earnest expectation of the Creature is waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God. You are created specifically for something very unique. You are created to be a solution to something. Have you discovered it? The reason for frustrations in life is basically, as a result of functioning in a different purpose. A life that is not fulfilling its purpose has a vacuum, it has a longing, and it is never satisfied. Even the objects that men designed have their specific purposes, how much more, men and women who are made in the image and likeness of God.

When you desire to find out the purpose and uses of a particular product, you do contact the manufacturer for information. In the same way, God is the only One who can reveal your divine purpose to your heart. Do you have a relationship with Him? Do you have faith in His saving grace? Do you honour Him in your life? Can God rightly say you are living out your purpose here on earth to please Him?

There is no time to procrastinate further. Today is that day, have a rethink, come to the Lord now and start fulfilling your purpose of being here. Let your life count for eternity.

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