We are continuing the study on the benefits we receive from carrying God’s presence. The presence of God as it is used here does not necessarily mean the presence of God in the church or any Christian gathering. This presence comes from living a God-directed life, obedience to God’s word and establishing an abode for God in ones heart. God’s presence is seen and experienced in a life that His Spirit dwells. As a result, He protects, preserves and promotes such an individual that carries His presence. Let us consider some of the many characters in the bible that possessed this awesome presence of God.

Shedrack Meshach and Abednego were three Hebrews boys who changed the course of history for the Jews in Babylon. These young men moved the hands of God due to their faith and steadfastness in the Almighty God. They brought about the proclamation of the name of God among the heathen – The Babylonians, and vehemently refused to bow down and worship a graven image.  Their boldness, honor, courage and faith in God brought down the presence of God in their midst and wrought great wonders among the people.

Miracles, signs and wonders abide in every life that carries the presence of God. Just the way God appeared and delivered the three Hebrew young men, so does He deliver those whose hearts are dependent on Him. God’s presence is a Light that illuminates darkness. Anyone who carries His presence becomes a change maker and a transformer.

We can further see the case of Jacob in the house of his uncle Laban. As soon as Jacob entered into the house of Laban, everything in that household changed, prosperity and favor followed him because, God’s presence was in His life. How about the children of Israel, whenever the presence of God stayed with them, they would defeat their enemies but, whenever they deviate and sin against God, their enemies would feast on them.

God is counting on you and I to make an abode for Him to dwell. In the ancient times, God dwelt in tabernacles and the Holy of Holies, but no more again. In this dispensation, He dwells only in people’s hearts and lives. It is essential that God’s presence remains in every believers’ hearts, in order to live an all round prosperous life.

Is your life conducive enough for God’s presence to dwell? Are you living right? Have you made peace with Jesus? If you haven’t, please accept God into your life today for a total transformation and continued blessings.

Carrying the presence of The Almighty God is a direct link to success.