God hath spoken once; twice have I heard this; that all power belongs to God. Psalm 62:11

Man is a connoisseur of his environment. He controls and keeps charge of it. By creation, man is endowed with creative power which enables him to invent things and be in control over them. As a result of this authority that man wields over his inventions, man can make use of things like remote to control his gadgets or use installed compass or GPRS for direction.

However, greater and above man is the Almighty God, The Owner of man and life in its entirety. Unlike man who has limited power over only his inventions; God possesses an unlimited power over all things; both natural and artificial things. We can relate to this control through the work of His hands; Day and night, moon and stars, rain and sun, conception and delivery etc. they all function uninterrupted, with full and consistent efficiency.

Now, it is imperative to understand that, God is in control of everything under the face of the earth – both seen and unseen things. By His Mighty power, He parted the Red Sea; He sealed the mouths of devouring lions and brought down the ancient walls of Jericho. The bible tells us that God is the same forevermore. (Hebrews 13:8)

Are you passing through a challenge that is almost sniffing life out of you? Has the challenge differed human ability?  The Almighty God is greater than all challenges. It might interest you to know that, only God is vested with the power to declare anything over. Until God says it’s over, it is not yet over.

Cheer up, trust in The Lord, and don’t be tired of praying and releasing your faith, victory comes to those who never give up. If people have ruled you out, tell them, ONLY GOD HAS THE FINAL SAY.