I will lift up my eyes to the hills, from whence cometh my help? My help comes from The Lord, Who made the heavens and the earth. Psalms 121:1

Have you ever felt so famished? Longed desperately for water? had utilized all possibilities to get anything liquid and just had to hang on? That was exactly the feeling Jane and her family had as they wandered through the desert. Lost in the middle of nowhere; an endless vast land with a sight of nothing but the unfriendly sun burning directly over their heads.

The Wesson’s were caught up in an inexplicable dilemma on their route through the desert. Running away from the lingered political crisis in their country which had consumed thousands of innocent civilians. They were fleeing for safety and in search of a promising future. Just like many others, they had set out with high spirits, hoping for nothing but the best. Little did the Wesson’s know that, their dreams were short-lived.

Jane Wesson stared at her children who sat on the load in the hilux van, looking rather too weak to even talk as a result of hunger. Mr. Wesson stood gazing at the car’s dried radiator with no hope of getting water from anywhere. Their hopes melted away while desperation set in. She thought of the wild beasts, she cringed at the thought of seeing her lovely children give up the ghost because of hunger in a dry and empty land. They have just finished the last water in the keg having spent one week wandering through the desert. “What does fate have for them now”? “Who will be the first to die among them”? She imagined, as she stroked her youngest daughter’s hair.

Jane had experienced difficult times in her life but, nothing to be compared with what she was experiencing in the desert. She lost her parents in a fire accident when she was eight and was raised by a kind and hearty distant relative. In her hopeless state, she remembered the story of the Israelites when, they were faced with two insurmountable difficulties; the Red Sea before them and the Egyptians coming mercilessly after them. She remembered how God divided the Red Sea, how He brought out water from a dry rock, she remembered the passage of the scriptures that says; nothing is impossible with God, all of a sudden, her face light up and faith pressed into her spirit.

“O Lord, you are the same yesterday, today and forever” she prayed silently. “You delivered Daniel from the Lion’s den” she continued, you said, all things are possible to those who believe in you.” Lord I believe, please save me and my family from being devoured by death, save us from this agony” she muttered in tears. As Jane opened her eyes to assure her family that, everything will be alright; her youngest daughter slummed and passed out.

Refusing to give in to dejection while the rest of the family shed tears as there was no strength left in them to cry out. Jane held her daughter, walked around the van praying and believing that, God will do that which made Him God. Suddenly, the skies opened up and the drops of some precious water started pouring down. As the rain continued, Jane’s daughter regained consciousness. Mr. Wesson gathered some water, the van started and off they continued in their journey.

Journey In Search Of A Better Life

Our birth into this world heralds a journey in search of a better us. It is an unavoidable quest for everyone. It comes with ups and downs, challenges and trials with little or no clue of what the next day holds. We set out in faith hoping and believing the dawn of a new day will always bring satisfaction to our lives.

When The Sweetener Turned Bitter.

Sometimes, your aspirations might get weathered by intense challenges; that do not mean you are to quit. It happens to everyone. There are those very sticky times and bleak moments. Mary and Martha were exasperated when their brother Lazarus was very sick. They told Jesus about it but He didn’t come until it seemed too late; Lazarus was already dead. Are you feeling there is almost no way out of your situation? Mary and Martha felt the same way too but Jesus who is the father of all impossibilities moved the waters against the tide; He raised Lazarus from the dead. God is pleased when we have an unreserved confidence in Him. No matter what you are passing through, believe God to see you through. God is never late; He will be there for you just at the appropriate time.

Keep On Keeping On

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