Science has always told us that man evolved from ape-like creatures millions of years ago but as Christians, we know better seeing that, there is more to this creature called man, whom God loves to bits and created him in His image to be and operate like Him. Most times, we do not fully exercise or walk in this dimension we’ve been created to, probably because, we are not aware or perhaps, we fail to live in the consciousness of that truth. Let’s look at a few details together.

Man as God’s Masterpiece

In the book of beginnings, God made the world and everything in it including man. The bible tells us in Genesis 1:26-31 that, God made man in His image and Likeness and gave him dominion over everything He created. There wasn’t anything that God made that He didn’t put man above. Even in naming the animals, the bible says, God led the animals to Man to see what he would call them; and whatever he called them, became their names. Genesis 2:19. The bible tells us that, man is so precious to God that even after losing him, He had to send His only Son to restore that relationship 2 Corinthians 5:19. We are not only wonderfully and fearfully made, but we are immensely loved by God who wants us living like Him in this world 1John 4:17.

The anatomy of the creature called Man

God is a spirit John 4:24 and His word tells us that, He breathed into man the breath of life, making him a living soul. Genesis 2: 7. This shows us that man is a spirit, has a soul and lives in a body. The spirit of man is what becomes born again and contacts the spirit world. The soul is the part of man that contacts the intellectual realm and the body contacts the physical world. For man to dominate and walk in the dimension of power that God intended, he would first reconnect his spirit to God by being born again and then allow that part of him dominate his soul (thoughts, emotions etc) and body (see, hear, smell, taste and feel). The challenge here is that, the power given to you isn’t something you can see or touch but it originates from the spiritual source – God. We must first believe in God and be transformed into that new creation that gets its supply from Almighty God. Then, feed on the word of God to constantly keep our hearts renewed and act it out by faith for physical results. The moment we allow the physical or intellectual rule us, we cease to understand how the things of God operates. This leads to disconnection from the supernatural as we can see in 1corinthians 2:14. The supernatural walk is available in the spirit, but uses the soul and body of man to effect its realities on earth.

The power given to man

Once we become born of the spirit of God, we become completely new but only in the spiritual. We must learn to groom that part of us to take charge because, only the spirit can walk in the supernatural. You see, when Adam and Eve sinned, there was a transfer of authority from man to the devil, making him the god of this world 2 Corinthians 4:4. However, through the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross of Calvary, Man is given the opportunity to be reconciled to God. When this happens, the authority which the devil took from man is regained and the blessing of dominion and fruitfulness comes to the forefront.

Be conscious of what belongs to you and feed on it

So, a born again spirit filled man is back in control, but the devil isn’t having it because, he still wants to make the believer feel he (satan) rules him. Dear born again Christian, you will need to constantly feed on the word of God in order to keep your spirit man in charge – Romans 12:2 and 2Tim 2:15. It’s by regularly studying and meditating on the word of God that you will know what is rightfully yours. By so doing, you will whip the devil and always be in dominion. So first, you must endeavour to keep your mind in check and secondly, you must be sure that you understand and get the true meaning of what it is you’ve read. Thirdly, apply it correctly by faith. Not having a true understanding of scriptures is like trying to use a key to open just any door- It won’t work. The word of God is the key but fits differently for different doors. The right application is what gives the desired result.

Walking in power

Power is the dynamic ability to cause changes. It has been given to you through Jesus Christ the moment you accepted Him as your lord and saviour Luke 10:19. Now this power is in you, yet the outward man feels absolutely nothing. This is where faith play a vital role because, all you have been feeding your spirit man with needs to be exercised. I mean He is so eager to express Himself but your body isn’t seeing what He’s seeing, hearing or experiencing and as such, just wants to shut Him down instantly. However, faith says we are like God who calls those things that be not as though they were – Romans 4:17. The supernatural will always require something to work on, it won’t just fall from the sky. For instance, if you are aspiring to be hired by an organization, the blessing won’t work with you by just lying on your bed and waiting for someone to call and employ you, you have to send out your CV’s and go for interviews. This means, you’ve got to step out in faith and act on your faith in the word of God. So how is this power of God in the spirit man transfused into our physical activity?

(Knowledge of God’s word + your confession (spoken word) + Action (Acting our your confession)) Faith

Available supernatural power is released when you study and understand God’s word, speak it as an act of faith, and act it out because, you know God cannot lie – this is all is done in faith. Therefore, the supernatural walk is a walk of faith. It’s the realm where the Christian ceases to think like mere men but stand on the authority of the infallible word of God, not wavering or staggering but knowing that He’s no ordinary being and has the finished work of Jesus as his title deed.

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