I will bless the Lord at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth. My soul shall make her boast in the Lord: the humble shall hear thereof, and be glad. O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt his name together. Psalm 34:1-3


Several times, people ask this very question which implies that God has either abandoned them or that, He no longer cares. In challenging situations they ask, God why me? In depressing times they ask God why me? Hardly do these persons ask God, Why me? when they swim in successes and abounds in His goodness.


Indisputably, challenges and trials confront us in life. It is only of the mercies of God that we are not consumed in them, for God’s love for us is new each passing day.  Bearing this in mind, during overwhelming times, God expects us to understand that; “it is not of him that wills, nor of Him that runs, but of God that shows mercy” – Romans 9:16


Have you ever asked God why me? – For making you see a new day.  Have you asked Him, God why me? – that Jesus shed His blood  to redeem you from the bondage of satan. Have you asked God why me?, that you are not in prison (many people are there without even committing any crime) Have you asked God why me? – for healing you of illnesses that killed other persons. Have you asked God why me? – For rescuing you from disasters that consumed many other people. Have you asked God why me? That you can see with your eyes, breath normally without a life-support, you are mentally healthy, you can eat normal food, you have access to clean drinkable water, etc. Many persons dream of what you have, but can’t get anywhere close to possessing them.


If you can begin to ask God why me? in a positive manner, that is, remembering and acknowledging God’s goodness,  it will amaze you what God did, does and is doing in your life. For once, ignore whatever it is that is keeping you awake through the night and start celebrating the faithfulness of God in and all around you.  By so doing, you will develop an attitude of thanksgiving to God, and in return, He will melt off all your problems.


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I read a true life story of a man Mr. Clark) who desired to relocate his family to America. He had all necessary plans in place. Therefore he sold his properties and purchased travel tickets. Just a week before their departure, his son was bitten by a dog. When the doctors examined him, they discovered that he had contacted rabies. As result, he was kept in a secluded ward for two weeks. When the boy was eventually discharged, the ship that was to convey them to America had already departed. Devastated, Mr. Clark became very angry with God for allowing the dog bite his son. Few days later, (April 15, 1912) news broke that the same ship that was to convey Mr. Clark and his family to America has sunk in the ocean and everyone on board died. Reality dawned on him that, if he had been on that ship he with his family would have perished in the ocean too.

The above story is synonymous with what most people go through in life – disappointments and betrayals. Most often, the blame is being heaped on God for allowing such things happen. Some even question God’s faithfulness and power to truly watch over His own. Despite whatever we may feel, none of them can change who God is. He is Almighty!

Through personal experiences and bible references, I have come to understand that, there is always a reason behind every disappointment we face as God’s children. ‘And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose’. – Romans 8:28

Disappointment is not entirely negative as people see it.

  • It keeps us from making costly mistakes.
  • It preserves us from unseen danger.
  • It eliminates pretentious people from our lives.
  • It toughens and builds our character.
  • It teaches us patience.
  • It builds our dependence upon God.


In the case of Joseph in the scriptures, he must have felt so disappointed when the butler was released from prison according to his dream interpretation but forgot all about him as soon as he entered the palace – It was all divinely arranged. Do you feel some persons who are supposed to help you are not forthcoming? True help comes only from God.

Are you feeling disappointed about something that you even prayed so much for which didn’t come to pass? I have been there before, it happens to people all the time. On the long run, you will understand why you are experiencing these unbearable delays. I have learnt that:

  • God does not make mistakes – He is not a man.
  • He knows the end from the beginning – He is omnipresent.
  • His ways are not our ways – we are limited in our knowledge.
  • For every disappointment we face, there is a reason behind it.

Instead of feeling all dejected and sad, arise and try again. Greater days and larger opportunities lie ahead.

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