The story of the Vine and the Branches (John 15:1-5)  is so instrumental in understanding the role we play in the mission of God in these last days.

Tree branches serves a major  purpose, which is to yield fruit that will  benefit mankind.

You and I are God’s branches, designed to bring forth fruits that are urgently needed in the world.

What is important are the things God do through us who are His branches, not what we do for God

As a branch in this present world, God wants to:

▪️Show Love to others through us.

▪️Intercede for the lost through us.

▪️Preach the gospel to sinners through us.

▪️Counsel and encourage the weary through us.

▪️Disciple young Christians through us.

▪️Heal the sick through us.

▪️Sing melodies through us.

Can you say God is presently working through you? Are you a yielded branch? No matter how little, allow God to work through you in the fulfilment of His divine mandate for the world.

The Spirit of the Lord is saying,; I want to work through you. Are you available?