It was our yearly retreat and we had paid for an apartment where my family would lodge. I felt very disappointed when the attendant allocated a poor apartment to us, plus she was rude and reluctant to change it. In front of a few persons seated, I had made a big deal out of the entire issue, maybe because I had expected fairer treatment. We settled it eventually. However, there were checks here and there in my spirit.

After unpacking and settling in, we decided to take a quick nap before going for the evening session of the program. While my husband and children slept, my eyes were wide open. In the cool warmth of the afternoon breeze, a gentle voice spoke out within me.

“What happened earlier today wasn’t entirely your fault but, you should have let it go. Not because you do not have the right to demand for a change but because, you are a light. Many times, you can be very right but because of me, allow things to slide. Just a little action taken on impulse, can demotivate souls (who you may not know) from being saved.” He said

The voice was tender, corrective and not condemning. That was the voice of the Holy Spirit. He knows how to practically uproot weeds that stole their ways into the vineyard. I immediately asked for forgiveness, we settled it amicably, like a Beloved Father and her loving daughter. Then, I had an assuring peace.

You see, People can get on our nerves a lot of times. They tend to take us for granted over the limit but the Lord is saying “you might be right, but because of me, allow things to flow” Yes, ignoring a rude behaviour overtly is a tough thing to do, especially when, in a snap, you can hurl down the world on the offender. Here, let us learn together. Even when it hurts, let us trust God to plead our cause.

This reminds me of our Lord Jesus Christ in 1 Peter 2:23. “Who when He was reviled, reviled not again, when he suffered, he threatened not; but committed himself to him that judgeth righteously”. In order to fully pattern our lives like Jesus, I have learned that, we should endeavour to live as He lived. We are the light that brightens the dark areas of this world. Therefore, in every facet of it, let our light so shine, that others may see our good works and glorify our Father who is in heaven. (Mathew 5:16)

It is still the wee days of the New Year, what are those attitudes that God through this message, is impressing in your heart to drop off, in order to enjoy His fullness?

Let nothing stand as a barrier to Gods blessings for you in 2022.