The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,

The omnipresence attribute of the Almighty God implies that He is ever present in all things. This is one of the many characteristics of God that places Him higher and above every other. Therefore, living our daily lives being conscious that God is everywhere at every time, will help us to be mindful of the things we do, things we say and the way we conduct ourselves.

Living in the consciousness of God’s presence means having the understanding and being aware of the fact that, God’s Spirit is alive everywhere.  When we pray to God, we believe He hears us because; He listens to all that we say. Whenever we are in trouble or need some kind of urgent help, we run to God for refuge and He surely rescues us right? In the same vein, God want us to know one thing; HE SEES ALL THAT WE DO.

If you are expecting a renowned dignitary into your home what do you do? Preparations will on top gear as you will prepare for His arrival and ensure that everywhere is sparkling and entirely neat. How much do you prepare yourself for the highest ever living dignitary who is resident in your life?

 The bible says in     that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of God dwells in us. This demand that, we should always live a consecrated life unto God.  Be ye holy for I am holy. Holiness is a life of God and He cannot stay in a place that is not separated unto Him. 

In the open and in the secret, do you live in that consciousness that God sees all you do? If you have your pastor following you everywhere and listens to every conversation you make, won’t you be forced to do the right thing? Now, is God not greater than your pastor?  If you can honor an ordinary human being; how about the Almighty God? Is God not the greatest?

This message calls for a rethink and an overhaul of our daily lifestyle. In as much as we desire to be blessed by God in all things, having Him living in our hearts will make life more beautiful and happy. For God will always safeguard a place where His interest is best represented. For the eyes of the Lord watches to and fro.