TEXT: For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, is working for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory. 2 Corinthians 4:17

We live in a cold world, filled with depressing moments, aborted dreams and extreme challenges. The more people try to grab the stars, the farther the stars dance away.

There might be such times when the break of a new day weakens your bones for there is no hope where the next meal will come from. There are bills to be paid but no means anywhere. Your friends have deserted you because; you can no longer measure up with their status. If you are wrapped up in this scenario of helplessness like many others, I have a word for you; Jesus is the King of the storms! His presence in any boat calms the billows. Just like a bad weather threatens here and there, leaving people in clear fear, but calms down as soon as the turbulence is over, so shall whatever struggle you are experiencing right now also come to an end some day.

Joseph understood this same feeling of helplessness when he was heartlessly sold away into slavery by his own brothers. He felt deserted and hated. Getting to a place where he felt at least things were getting better, appeared from nowhere was Portiphar’s wife, clothed in lies and manipulation. This time, Joseph was locked away and forgotten in prison. Despite his long frustrating experiences, beneath Joseph’ struggle was his glory, borne out of suffering. In the same vein, a gold is being formed out of you. It takes time and pain but at the end, you will understand it’s worth the pain.

Have you gotten to that point that your life feels on a halt? Nothing seems to be working out and worst still, your incessant prayers receives no speedy answers? Joseph felt the same way too but what happened to him at last? His life was instantly transformed. Do you know that nothing is impossible with God? It does not take Him anything to change a situation. Infact, that is the easiest for Him to do. But how and when? You might ask; Cheer up dear friend, God made this world by His Mighty power and stretched out hands, He can crack up any impossibility. He is above all things. Cry no more, for this too shall pass away.