Your word have I hid in my heart that I may not sin against thee. Psalm 119:105

Over decades and ages, the word of God has undeniably possessed the solution to life’s innumerable problems. It is an inspired word of God which contains the plan and the mind of God for all people. It is the final authority in life and it’s absolutely immutable.

Written over thousands of years ago, The Bible remains relevant and meets the needs of all men, despite their race or status in life. Now the question is, do you take advantage of the numerous blessings and instructions therein?

It is alarming how some Christians decorate their shelves with their bibles and only uses them on church days. How good is that? It might interest you to know that, this inspired word of God is profitable for success in life/business, for admonition, for wisdom in leadership, for decision making, among others.

We live in an unpredictable world. Daily meditating on the word of God will give you power to overcome sin and satan. In our text above, the psalmist understood the importance of the word of God that, he ensures it is deeply rooted always in his heart.

To live a Christian life without reading the bible daily is like dying of thirst in the middle of an ocean. Neither can you have a fruitful Christian experience and grow spiritually when you do not have the word of God in your heart.

When you begin to fill your heart with the word of God, you will start experiencing a great change in every aspect of your life. Satan understands this; that is why he keeps Christians unnecessarily busy, distracted and lazy to study the word of God – for therein lays the roadmap to all your successes in life. Before leaving home each day, be sure to have established your mind in the word of life. By so doing, you keep yourself adequately prepared and positioned to counter all life’ challenges.